Well, I’m ready #flyfishing #getatit

Well, I’m ready #flyfishing #getatit

#washington trail adventures

#washington trail adventures

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Some recent work I did for Real Change. Hopefully more to come from past work.



Photo a Day #24

Dealing with computer issues, here is one from a portait session the other day for Real Change.

Photo a Day #23

Sean, a crew member on a southeastern Alaskan salmon seiner, aboard his vessel in Fishermen’s Terminal. A native of Seattle, Sean spends a large part of his summer in the north Pacific fishing for what many call Red Gold. Seattle Washington

Photo a Day #22

City Council President Tim Burgess introduces the City Attorney, Pete Holmes, to many onlookers while supporters of Kshama Sawant stand outside and are interviewed by the press on Inauguration day. This Inauguration brought in the first openly gay mayor in  America, Ed Murray,  and the first registered socialist city council member, Kshama Sawant. Seattle, WA

Photo a Day #21

A taste of winter fly fishing in Washington

 An 18-inch Bull Trout pulled from the Nooksack river. Winter fly-fishing can especially challenging, but also incredibly rewarding for those who take it on.

Photo a Day #20

Swamped today, so here is an older one…

Rick Helman,  Head Forester for the Northwest Natural Resource Group, poses for a portrait as he surveys a recent harvest outside of Yelm, WA.

Photo a Day #19

The Silver Isle, skippered by Ray Foresman, is reflected in the window of the Bay Cafe in Fishermen’s Terminal.  Fisherman’s Terminal is the home of the Pacific fishing fleet and boats from all over the west coast call it home.